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The Question…What is your Art Blog About and Why Do You Do It?
Simply put…
With the demise of newspapers, there are fewer art reporters and columnists.

Well here I am, an artist with a passion for learning and a thirst for art.

I could satisfy that love when I travelled weekly and visited different cities, galleries and museums. Did you know that I lived in a motorhome for 5 years? That’s how I did it.

Today I’m no longer traveling and very little art reporting is available in my local newspapers.

So I decided that with my ability to research the internet, I could actually travel the whole world and visit art galleries, museums and artists.

Now I am that much needed art columnist. And So …

The Art Blog is the place where I do it.
Here’s That Question Again
Would You Like To Travel and Visit Artists and Art Museums Weekly?

I do just that, so sign up and do it with me.

The Art Blog does the research and traveling for you.
Each week I bring 2-3 videos and articles about:
• Artists doing new and unique artwork,
• Major Art Museums featured Art Shows
• Galleries from cities worldwide
• Painting and Photography how to demos
• And of course some demos of how I paint and draw.

So there it is …The Art Blog Weekly Review.

My mission for the blog is to inform, inspire and to educate. This is how I do it.

Now my big question for you.
Do You Suscribe to the Art Blog Weekly Review?
Oh you’re asking… what is it?

I make it easy for you. You don’t have to look at the articles on the blog everyday.
You get all the videos and articles in one email every Saturday, with a Wrap-up video from me. I give you a preview of the week, and we catch up on ART.

Some of the favorite and most commented on Articles/Posts
A Woman bought painting for $7.00 at a flea market — It was an original Renoir worth $75,000-$100,00. You’ve gotta read this one

See Pissarro Paintings from his Hotel Room Window. Eleven paintings all from the same window
Chalk Artists, why they do paintings on sidewalks and streets that was away in 24 hours. You’ll meet them and Watch them paint.

To make sure you get the weekly updates, signup below.
I won’t always include them in the weekly mailer, so you really need to be on the list.
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