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Joan Mead-Matsui Tuesday Chigirie Tip

Make Your Foreground POP


Chigirie Tip of the Week is the perfect place to learn a lesson each week about Chigirie, a traditional Japanese Washi art and craft. Chigiri-e, as it’s often spelled, is one and the same and my website and online classes are designed to lay a solid foundation for you.

This week’s tip will answer one of the questions I received, how do I choose a background color.

We’re gearing up for fall, winter, and holiday projects. Be sure to join me in the Learn Chigirie members-only Facebook group.

You’ll learn a thing or two in this weekly Tuesday Chigirie Tip about the color paper you should use as your backdrop. Suffice to say, keep your The background simple so it complements but doesn’t compete with your design. Choose a neutral color that blends with your design. Check out the caption below, for example.

“Discovery from the Ground Up,” a Chigirie I created 19 years ago, is an example of how I mix color and an array of textured papers. The blades of grass were created atop a soft, neutral background that compliments the boy’s skin tone and clothing. Notice how the background allows the grass to stand out and capture your attention but it enhances the skin tone and clothing.

Eventually, when you’re ready to branch out and create a forest, beach scene, seascape, or more complicated design, you’ll be more comfortable with color selection. Choose your color based on purpose and keep it simple and neutral to avoid muddiness.

Be sure to buy a few larger sheets of paper so you can prepare your background. Again, your goal is to make your Chigirie pop.

Under the grayish green grass, you’ll find a neutral tone.

I expand on the background lesson in my members-only Facebook group. Join today and be a part of the fun. You can join as a monthly subscriber or opt for a year of non-stop learning.

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