Joan Mead-Matsui


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Joan Mead-Matsui is known for her Chigirie and her art is regarded as the most beautiful Chigirie on the web. She often has been referred to as an artist with an affinity for Japanese paper art, food, and culture. Joan began her journey as Mrs. Matsui’s Origami (handmade paper creations) and that business (still operating today) eventually evolved to include Chigirie, the Japanese art of tearing paper to create a collage. She is an artist with nearly 25 years of experience working with the galleries and shop owners who have sold her art. At last count, she has sold more than 150 original Chigirie at art shows, in galleries throughout the country, and online. Limited edition prints of many of the sold pieces and some newer designs are also available.


Her website,, was one of the premiere Chigirie art websites to offer one-of-a-kind collages. The website you see now was recently redesigned to offer her customers the convenience of PayPal and art classes. She offers a wide variety of collectible original pieces and prints of that have sold over the years.

She’s also an award-winning freelance journalist; travel writer, photographer, and blogger.

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 Contributing Artists

Kunihiko Matsui, R.A.

Kuni Matsui’s art tells a story. His paintings, sketches, and designs often reflect his memories of his native country Japan and the dwellings and sites he has visited there and in the United States, spanning more than 50 years. Many of his subjects are decidedly architectural with bold colors and focus on details.

We are delighted to offer his high-quality prints here at

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