Joan Mead-Matsui Tuesday Chigirie Tip
Make Your Foreground POP YOUR “HOW-TO” TIP OF THE WEEK I hope my Tuesday Chigirie Tips are the foundation you need to create outstanding Japanese Torn Paper Collage Art.  This week’s tip will answer one of the questions I received, how do I choose a background color. You’ll learn a thing or two in this weekly Tuesday Chigirie Tip about the color paper you should use as your backdrop. The background should be kept simple

Update: Tuesday Chigirie Tip

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Tuesday Chigirie Tips will resume on Tues., Sept. 10, 2019. Our next topic is one you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for our mailing list.
Chigirie by Joan Matsui Tuesday Chigirie Tip
It’s all in the paper. A Morning Glory, with it’s trailing stem and array of colors, is a bit tricky to recreate with paper. Learning where to add a touch of light or a darker shade of paper is one of the tips you’ll learn in my members-only group. Sign up today and begin your journey with Chigirie. From the beginning to the completion of a Chigirie collage, a variety of pre-dyed paper is used
Chigirie with Joan Mead-Matsui Membership Benefits

What is the “Learn Chigirie” HUB?

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Learn Chigirie with Joan Mead-Matsui is not about a project kit, video, or a course you buy from me and tackle on your own. There are more than enough project kits available for sale on the internet. But what happens after you buy a kit and start your own project in the comfort of your home? Don’t give up! Join the Learn Chigirie HUB. Chances are you’ll sit alone in your workspace and work day-after-day
Creating Your Design Stop by every Tuesday for a tip or two that’ll get you started on your next Chigirie project. Want to learn more? Join my members-only Facebook group to be part of my art community. Where do you begin? With a foundation… In much the same way you would build a structure from the ground up, the same holds true for an art project. A flower will work well for your first