Chigirie transforms a serving tray from bland to beautiful with washi art
5 Ways To Decorate With Chigirie Chigirie Tip: Transform, Repurpose and Embellish Learn Chigirie with Joan Mead-Matsui Chances are you have some items in your home you don’t want to throw out. Are they gathering dust? Packed away and forgotten? Chigirie makes an extraordinary holiday, hostess, or special occasion gift. My Chigirie Tip of the Week shows you where to find those project ideas that are right under your nose. Lampshades, decorative serving trays, wooden
Chigirie pumpkins, gourds, and Fall Splendor are the perfect fall theme for your next Chigirie
Surround Yourself With Collage Art Chigirie For All Rooms Look Around You…What do you see today? Chigirie Tip of the Week for October 1, 2019, directly ties into the changing landscape. Add a Personal Touch I’ve never been one to buy art prints although I own a few prints by famous artists like Andrew Wyeth. My love for original paintings and paper collage is one of the reasons I create my own Chigirie, Japanese Torn
Joan Mead-Matsui Tuesday Chigirie Tip
To Cut or Not To Cut Are you breaking the rules if you use scissors in torn paper collage art? Some Chigirie masters say yes and some say no. Create Chigirie when you want gorgeous watercolor-like art. Chigirie is often mistaken for watercolor paintings because when the paper is blended, it resembles a painting. When you’re working with tiny pieces of paper and tearing is next to impossible, should you use a scissor? Don’t hesitate
Joan Mead-Matsui Tuesday Chigirie Tip
Working with Layers How to Layer Your Design With the Best Results If you stopped by last week to read my Tuesday Chigirie tip about working with your background, now’s the perfect time to take a moment and review that tip. We’ll briefly focus on working with paper this week. The longer you’ve practiced Chigirie the more details you’ll likely to add to your art. Take a moment to review the background in this

Update: Tuesday Chigirie Tip

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