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The Art of Chic | Travel Tips & Essentials

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Travel Writing Lesson: The Art of Talking to Strangers

This travel writing lesson looks at one of the most important things you must do if you want to become a travel writer: Talking to people in the places you visit and experiencing their lives as they live them will lead you into your biggest travel adventures and your greatest travel tales. For many aspiring travel writers, however, this isn’t easy. Growing up, we were taught never to talk to strangers – which is important […]

GO Travel | Art in Paradise, Thailand

Go on a never-ending adventure when you visit the interactive and vibrant Art In Paradise, located in Esplanade Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand. Just watch out for the giant animals out to get you! Juanita Ramayah visits the interactive and vibrant Art In Paradise, located in Esplanade Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand What is GO TRAVEL? GO TRAVEL is ASEAN’s hottest new travel show, available exclusively on the GOASEAN travel channel. It’s your one stop guide to […]

Sarah Chapman – Travel bug and Art Historian

Sarah may not have gone to film school, but she definitely has an artistic background. After studying in Europe, she completed her Art History degree at the University of British Columbia. Although she is not a Professor or art curator, Sarah still holds her passion for Art History close to her heart. Everywhere she goes she is reminded of the art and architecture she loves. Once an art historian, always an art historian. Song: Phoenix […]