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What’s In My Pencil Case? | Travel Art Supplies | Spring 2018 Edition

Yes, I did a pencil case tour. I had to. I love this pencil case so much. LINKS: BLOG: http://julianjaymes.com SHOP: http://www.etsy.com/shop/julianjaymesart INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/julian_jaymes

What is in my new Art Bag (travel art bag)

Road testing my supplies in my new bag. Hoping it works and provides some help to others bringing their mini art studio on tour 🙂 Thanks so much for watching, loves xx INSTAGRAM: Mandy Sheridan

What’s in my Travel ART Bag? // 2018

Thank you for watching, subscribe for my most up-to-date art! ————————– MATERIALS Fjällräven NO.3 (Color: Autumn Leaf?). Strathmore softcover sketchbook (300gsm cold pressed watercolor paper). Pencil Case – SoLow Variety Shop Masking tape (generic brand from the hardware store). Travel Watercolor Palette – (Meeden empty, tin palette from Amazon + 12 half pans filled with Shin Han & Mission Gold watercolor paints). Pentel Waterbrush pens (filled with Dr. Ph Martin Black Star Ink) Faber Castell […]

Mini Travel Art Bag

Here is a quick peek into my art travel bag. I call this bag my lunch break bag it houses the essentials needed to make art. Travel Journal by: Televisiontrainwreck Instagram: Southerngals_designs Facebook: Tiffany Goff Smith

My Mini Watercolor Travel Art Kit

The contents of my small watercolor travel kit. Please pardon all the noises from my dog (drinking water, barking, etc). He can’t seem to stay away whenever I start filming something. By the way, inside my travel pallette, I use Winsor and Newton professional watercolors. I use empty half-pans (that’s the term I couldn’t remember in the video) and fill them with W&N tube paints. Follow me on Instagram: brianashmore_studio