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Japanese Paper Tearing Art with the “Chigirie Tip of the Week“ A Morning Glory, with it’s trailing stem and array of colors, is a bit tricky to recreate with paper. Learning where to add a touch of light or a darker shade of paper is one of the tips you’ll learn in my members-only group. Sign up today and begin your journey with Chigirie. From the beginning to the completion of a Chigirie collage, a
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What is the “Learn Chigirie” HUB?

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Learn Chigirie with Joan Mead-Matsui is not about a project kit, video, or a course you buy from me and tackle on your own. There are more than enough project kits available for sale on the internet. But what happens after you buy a kit and start your own project in the comfort of your home? Don’t give up! Join the Learn Chigirie HUB. Chances are you’ll sit alone in your workspace and work day-after-day
Weekly Chigirie Tutorial offers Japanese paper art tutorials that encourage and support you as you learn and grow your skills. When you’re ready, join our members-only group for monthly projects, lessons, Q & A sessions, and tips. Join Joan Mead-Matsui, your Chigirie instructor and resident artist. Joan is a master Chigirie artist and the founder of one of the premier Chigirie learning sites and galleries on the web. She founded 25 years ago
Chigirie Japanese Torn Paper Collage Art
Challenge Your Creativity Find Harmony and Inner Peace This week’s featured image is Little Boy at Satsu (Beach). The Little Boy at Satsu Beach was my first Chigirie. project. Satsu Beach is a Japanese fishing village along the Japan Sea. What’s your hurdle? Artists’ stumbling blocks arise at the drop of a hat. Many artists face hurdles, particularly during the early learning stage. Not knowing what you’re capable of creating has the potential to stop
The Trout Chigirie Collage Print
Celebrate 25 Years of Japanese Art at Buy “The Trout” and I’ll donate 10% of the proceeds to two well-known and deserving organizations. Giving back to Chigirie customers and students is our mission. We teach authentic Japanese paper art using beautiful handmade washi paper. Learn with Chigirie master, Joan Mead-Matsui Friends and acquaintances who know me well understand why I love to fly-fish but they’re also aware I’m an advocate for responsible fishing, land

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