Chigirie Tip of the Week

Chigirie transforms a serving tray from bland to beautiful with washi art

5 Ways To Decorate With Chigirie

Chigirie Tip: Transform, Repurpose and Embellish

Learn Chigirie with Joan Mead-Matsui

Chances are you have some items in your home you don’t want to throw out. Are they gathering dust? Packed away and forgotten?

Chigirie makes an extraordinary holiday, hostess, or special occasion gift. My Chigirie Tip of the Week shows you where to find those project ideas that are right under your nose. Lampshades, decorative serving trays, wooden boxes, wall art, photos frames, coasters, and other household décor items are the perfect medium for Chigirie using washi paper and a special paste. Rather than toss an old wooden trinket box or a lampshade in the trash, transform them into a work of art – YOUR ART.


Find those forgotten items in your home and re-purpose them with Chigirie.

Don’t run to the craft store and spend money just yet. Look around your home for that one item you can re-purpose with Chigirie, Japanese Torn Paper Collage Art. Check out my online shop for ideas.

Chigirie can be used to recreate a scene.

Sift through totes, scan your rooms for that drab piece and add a splash of color. A floral pattern or a simple single rose brightens both your mood and your home. Chigirie adds a touch of culture to your home.

Shikishi is a traditional medium used for calligraphy and other Japanese art. This Chigirie flower design dates back more than 20 years to a time when I first experimented with washi paper. My work has evolved over the years from simple to elaborate.


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